19 October, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kim Han =)

Although we were 4 days late
But it's nevertheless Kim Han's 22nd Birthday
And he decided to go Bubba Gump, Sunway
Galuh and Sue thinking hard on what to order
Sue and me =)

Evidence of Nadia constantly BBM-ing the whole session :)

All the girls

Group Picture :D
But it turned out blurry :(

Me and the Birthday Boy :D

Sue and Kim Han
And last but not least, Kim Han the star of the day

Time flies, it's been 4 and a half year we have know each other
Conversation today of how everyone of us met one another
Brought back a lot of memories, I'm sure it does for you as well
There's nothing much to express
Some things are meant to be understood by heart
Happy Birthday to you, Kim Han :)
~ ~ ~
And yah, thanks for the treat. I'm gonna remember this meal for sure :D

14 September, 2010

Weekend to Singapore =)

My two days one night were basically spent on visiting Singapore's two newly open casinos

Resort World and Marina Bay Sands

But what was valuable was the time spent with parents

And of course shopping...!!! =)

Day 1 Resort World

We only visited Universal Studios entrance, but we are going back there at the end of the year for holiday.

Mom with her favourite Reese Peanut Butter Chocolate (see where her bag was)

Day 2 Marina Bay Sands

Notice the boat like design at the top of the building

~ ~ ~
The End of my Singapore trip =D

01 September, 2010

Was I wrong?

Who wouldn't commit mistakes?
Why people always look at the ugly side first?
Is it wrong to be considerate?
Is it wrong wanting to be helpful?
At least i tried, but that's not what people see.
They see only the ugly side and ask why do you do it in the first place.
Tears are swallowed.
But who would understand.

06 May, 2010

A thought to share

Been long since i last update...

So much are happening in a day of mine that i don't know where should i start from to blog...

But the important thing is...

I've been really happy with my life... =D

~ ~ ~

Got this inspiring e-mail from Chee Yang... So thought of sharing with people who's crossing this blog... Have a look... =)

"The Turtles"

A turtle family decided to go on a picnic. The turtles, being naturally slow about things, took 7 months to prepare for their outing. Finally, the turtle family left home looking for a suitable place. During the second month of their journey, they found an ideal place at last!

For about six weeks they cleaned the area, unpacked the picnic basket, and completed the arrangements. Then they discovered that they had forgotten the salt. They all agreed a picnic without salt would be a disaster. After a lengthy discussion, the youngest turtle was chosen to retrieve the salt from home. Although he was the fastest of the slow moving turtles, the little turtle whined, cried, and wobbled in his shell. He agreed to go on one condition: No one would eat until he returned. The family consented and the little turtle left.

Three months passed and the little turtle had not returned. Five months... Six months... Then on the seventh month of his absence, the oldest turtle could no longer contain his hunger. He announced that he was going to eat. At that point of time, the little turtle suddenly popped out from behind a tree shouting, "See! I knew you wouldn't wait. Now i am not going to go get the salt."

[Some of us waste our time waiting for people to live up to our expectations. We are so concerned about what others are doing that we do not do anything ourselves.]
~ ~ ~

So true isn't it... Perhaps the months used in this turtle story is a bit exaggerating, but isn't that what many people are doing... Something for all of us to think about... =)

11 March, 2010

A bit of Chinese New Year here and there

I know Chinese New Year had actually passed by quite a while

But relatives still deserved the right to see these pictures right =)
~ ~ ~

Reunion Dinner with mommy in Rawang
~ ~ ~

This was during 初二 on our way to Kampar

That's 恩恩

恩恩 and her mom

Failure to get a girl's attention portrayed
~ ~ ~
This was our 初三 lunch at Tualang

~ ~ ~

初七 “人日”

~ ~ ~

And a very random picture of 琪琪 and me
~ ~ ~
It was a pretty much Happy 2010 Chinese New Year =D